I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend a university that offers weekly guest lectures from professionals in the PR industry. These practitioner lectures were not compulsory, and every week I received an email briefing me on who the guest speaker was, what they did and their clients. This was incredibly useful, as if the subject was a strong interest of mine I knew in advance if I wanted to attend, and vice versa.

Having this opportunity was beneficial for me as I had the opportunity to learn what a career in the Public Relations industry may entail and the different routes that could be taken once I complete my degree. One of my personal favourite lectures was from Caroline Watson, who is a celebrity fashion stylist and entrepreneur. I took away a lot of valuable information from this lecture, as she discussed the relationships between styling and PR alongside branding and re-branding. She has also styled music videos for Kanye West and Chris Brown, which I personally found both informative and also inspiring. This particular lecture assured me that my interests (styling and lifestyle PR) was the route in which I should go down.

Being able to meet professionals also gave me the opportunity to analyse how practitioners of PR may not only market the brands and clients they work with, but also how they market themselves. I was able to network and take valuable tips on the social norms within the industry, and I feel fortunate to have been given this opportunity.


-Liliana :)



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