In this blog post I will talk about my personal view on Public Relations when I first began my degree in comparison to my opinions now I am one-third of the way through the course.

When I first told people that I wanted to pursue a career in PR, the first reaction I was greeted with was, "What does that even mean?". Although I still receive this reaction, I feel as though I am now more equipped with the knowledge and skills to respond with a deeper meaning than just "Communication for brands" or "It's similar to advertising and marketing". I have found that there are many negative connotations of what PR exactly is, and what PR practitioners do. In the media, words related to PR ofter have a negative undertone, such as 'PR Spin', 'PR Disaster' and 'PR Stunt'. I personally believe that this negativity leads people to believe that PR is used to trick consumers into doing things subconsciously, and that if a brand is involved in a scandal, it is the PR practitioners fault rather than the brand itself. Over the past year I have realised that many people do not necessarily perceive a career in Public Relations a 'real' career, however in my experience it is often older people that hold this perception rather than millennials.

Each individual has a different opinion on what PR is and what it entails. Over the course of this year, my views on Public Relations have constantly evolved, and I'm sure they will continue to, however I personally believe that PR is a form of reputation management over how the public perceives a brand, person or company. It is a way to either gate-keep or expose information and may be seen as the penultimate stage of a campaign which binds branding and advertising together.

Overall, I am proud to be studying a Public Relations degree, and I very much hope that I will be able to pursue a successful career within the industry.


-Liliana :)



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